Halloween is tomorrow. If you had to dress up and wear a costume, what would you go as and why? What do you know about this holiday? Have you ever celebrated Halloween? Describe what you imagine a Halloween/costume party to be like.

I would go as Vlad Dracula the Impaler or the Vampire since he’s spooky and wicked. And the novel Historian gives him an interesting habits, reading and history, although he doesn’t have such habits in other novels. According to what I know, Halloween consists of jack-o-lanterns, ghost stories, trick or treating, and dressing up in costume. When I was junior high school, I attended a Halloween party which was hosted by several English teachers. We brought food to the party, performed a little English drama, and danced with opposite sex students from other class. That’s the only experience I celebrated Halloween, and it’s totally different from the Halloween as I know now.


The Hardest Thing About Writing In English

What is the hardest thing about writing in English? What areas are you struggling with the most? Can you describe how you feel and what you go through while trying to compose your thoughts in English?

The hardest thing about writing in English to me is grammar. I always worry about my grammar and the way of using the words, I’m afraid that the reader can not understand what I mean. Essay is what I am struggling with the most. It’s strange; I grew up with a lot of essay training. I studied and wrote essays more than narratives at school. I was used to write essays instead of narratives or statements. I was familiar with the format of essay -- the four steps in the composition of an essay, gives some examples and counter-examples and judgement. However, I seldom write essays since I graduated from junior high school. The last time when I was asked for writing a short essay in English within 20 minutes, I completed it hard, and it’s not organized well, most of all, it is crap. Although narrative is also not easy to me, it doesn’t tighten me so much as essay does. In addition to my grammar, my vocabulary is also a problem. Sometimes I knew a word already, but I just can’t recall it. Then I’ll use a computer dictionary; spell the word according to the pronunciation in my head, to look up the word; sometimes I just type Chinese to find the word, and pick up the word I already knew; sometimes I look up English-English dictionary for more examples and the way of using the word. I depends on dictionaries so much, thus I feel more comfortable if I have dictionaries (particularly computer dictionaries) when I am writing.


One Of Your Favorite Colors

What is one of your favorite colors? Choose a color and describe something in that color without telling us what it is. What does it look like? Feel like? Smell or taste like, if necessary?

One of my favorite colors is blue. There is one thing of blue in day time, and it’s the mother of the creatures in the world. It’s so vast and immeasurable, if you look at it, you’ll feel you are so insignificant, and raise your respects to the nature. It’s an emotional woman, sometimes it’s peaceful, sometimes it’s horrible, and sometimes it goes mad. It the most loyal follower of sun and moon. It changes its color for them; it raises its figure for them and humbles itself for them. It’s the best friends of wind. It runs with wind, it dances with wind; it stays in serene with winds.

Story Completion - Carefree Dogs

In the class Creative Writing, we classmates delivered our story with blanks to each other, and we have to complete all of them as homework this week.

Carefree Dogs

Jennie and Carter have gotten together for weeks, they are very distinct, and they have a lot of different feeling and opinion on the same thing. A warm day afternoon, they sit on a bench, watching a bunch of dogs lying on the lawn. Some of them are chasing each other.

Jennie: Look at them, they seems so happy and so enjoy their live! I’m so envy about the dog that is lying on the lawn and seems to be in a trance.

Carter: Maybe he’s wandering whether he really exist or not. Maybe he wants to talk to someone about this question but he can’t find another philosophic dog.

Jennie: I guess SHE is planning on her activity after a wonderful supper. Perhaps she is composing a story to tell her children, the carefree chasing doggies.

Carter: Yeah, that’s funny. Hey, she is standing up. And she joins the chasing. It looks like she gave up the headache philosophic problem and decided to devote herself into social activity temporarily.

Jennie: She must think up with a story to tell at night. And now she’s enjoying her family happiness.

Cater: Look, they have company. A cat is just appearing. They are uniting to chase a cat.

Jennie: Oh, poor kitty. Why can not dogs and cats be good friends?

Cater: Maybe they have some kind of discrimination in their world. And it’s not an easy issue can be solved by their philosophers or scholars.

Jennie: I think those philosophers as you had been sent to psychiatric hospitals.

Cater: Yeah, you are my best doctor. (Smiling at her, and counting how distinct they are.)
Jennie: (Smiling, and being sunk in her own imagination.)


Favorite Sport To Watch and To Play

What's your favorite sport to watch? To play? Did you have a favorite sport in childhood? Is there a sport you hate? Why? Is anyone following the Taiwan Series (baseball)? Describe how playing or watching your favorite sport makes you feel.

To be honest, I’m not an enthusiast about sport. I was playing table tennis with my friend every day for half year, but I seldom play it now. I was jogging with my friends every day before, but I don’t jog anymore. Now, my favorite sport to play would be swimming, which is convenient to play since we can do it without any company though. Although I’m not a guy of sporting passions, I watch baseball game with my friends sometimes. I don’t watch Chien-Ming Wang with myself because I can’t wake up so early, but I can stay awake very late, till morning if I have company. When I am watching Wang is on the mound, I feel like my blood is boiling. When a batter with wide hot zone and high hit rate waves his stick, I feel like I am sitting in a roller coaster and falling down as fast as the flying ball launched from the mound. When that batter is struck out, the roller coaster stops falling and starts rising, preparing for next falling. The reason of that I don’t watch sports often probably be that I can’t tolerate such stimulations and these kind emotional waves so often.


Story Completion - A Blind Date

In the class Creative Writing, we classmates delivered our story with blanks to each other, and we have to complete all of them as homework this week.

Story Completion - A Blind Date

A girl who was never been fell in love, but thirst for love saw an ad of a blind date. She decided to gave herself a chance. Will she find her true love?

If a blind date means dating with a lottery. Than I was really attending a blind date last night. I am an adventurer. Sometimes I really hope to leave the hell fire group. One day I saw a pair flirting and kissing, and my eyes were blinded by the flashlight.

That day I slept in till almost noon. I was in a crazy taxi, and taking a Pride and Prejudice in hand, which we had decided to identify each other with. 10 minutes to 12:00, I was stuck in a traffic jam as usual. I wished I wouldn't be late. 5 minutes to 12, I jump out from the small yellow sedan There were few people walking by. I hope he was not the one who was madly checking his watch. 12 o'clock, I was suddenly pulled out from my dream. A hand taped me on my shoulder. I turn around, and a Collins-looking guy said "Belle, do I have the honor to be your Darcy?" It was the most miserable date in my life.

What A Wonderful World

"What a wonderful world" by Aalto, Yaya, Shine

I see mountains of high, tall buildings too.
I see them rising for me and you.
And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world!”
I see fog of white and snow of silver.
The fresh clean air, the cascading waterfall.

The smell of the tofu, so stinky in the night markets.
Are also on the clothes of people on the MRT.
I see students studying hard, saying “Gimme a break”.
They are really saying, “I need sleep”.

I hear dogs cry, I watch them beg.
They’ll eat much more than I’ll ever try.
And I think to myself, “What a wonderful world”.

What Is Your Idea Of A Perfect Birthday

When is your birthday, and what is your idea of a perfect birthday for you? Do you celebrate? What kind of celebration would you like? Who would be there with you, and what would you be doing? Describe your perfect birthday, or one that you've enjoyed from the past.

I was born at April 22, 1986. The celebration depends on what kind of the friends are around me in that period. Some people are crazy about birthdays, some people aren’t. Although I usually don’t celebrate my birthday, my old friends always remember that day, they send me messages or call me and say “Happy Birthday”. My friends and I dined in an Italian restaurant this birthday; we went to there after school; we drank and chatted, and we were satisfied with the food. Finally we back to our home or dorm and worked on our homework. For us, birthday is an excuse to hang outside with friends.

A Room In Your Childhood Home

Describe a room in your childhood home. What is there? In the corners? Furniture? Layout? What is the feel of the place? Colors? Who would we see there? Any special memories there you'd like to share?

I changed two rooms in my childhood. They are in a rented department. I first lived in the tiny one; the other room was my sister’s, which I moved in after she got married. I had happy time in both room, I had a lot of good time at reading comic books and laughing wildly in my bed. I played solitaire, origami (paper folding), drawing in my tiny world. Sometime I would have company; my family dogs came to me and played with me, and they might sleep with me; they wouldn’t grab my blanket but they always occupied my pillow. As I was growing up, I brought fictions or textbooks to bed more then comic books, spent more time on desk than in bed. I won’t forget the sweet time I have in my childhood room.


Apply For Entrance Into Graduate Schools

October is a busy month for the students who want to apply for entrance into graduate school. In fact, we have been busy for a long time, and we’re just showing our effort in collage years now. The applying procedure is really exhaustive and hard to suffer. We hope our dreamed schools will accept our application, but we have no idea of the probability we get the acceptance. We send our materials to those schools, and pay the fee for applying. It’s a lottery; the probability of entrance is depends on our effort and records in the past, and their professors’ impression on our original school and taste.


A Time You Were Sick

Journal for today: Recall a time you were sick. Describe how your body felt, internally and externally. Use details. Who helped you?

I got a cold couple months ago when I was in the dorm. It began from a Sunday evening. I felt dizzy and had a terrible headache as if my head was hammered continuously. No matter how I turned over and over in bed, there were still a lot of pain in my head, and it was getting stronger as I stayed awake. The pain made me unable to fall asleep, and my sleeplessness gave me more aches and pains. I was in an infinite cycle of falling asleep and waking and suffering. When the sun rose, I went to doctor. I got the medicine which rescued me from the continuously hamming hammers. And the symptom changed, I started sniveling, I felt like the running nose was out of my control, it betrayed. The betrayer killed a lot of tissue papers. Couple days later, I eventually regained my nose’ loyalty, but who knows when it will sell me out again.


Where Do You See Yourself In Ten Years

Where do you see yourself in ten years? What are you doing? Who is with you? What is your life like?

I’ll get my Bachelor degree from NTUST soon, and get a Master degree afterwards. I’ll work as an RD engineer in IT industry for 4 years instead of joining the military, and pay the student loan and save some money. I will probably use my liver-selling saving to study oversea for a PhD degree or another Master degree, or apply for working at Antarctic. They both are fascinating experiences, and I like the later one better. I think my friends are with me, but I am the major role with myself, maybe some passengers will come into my life, but they must not stay for long. My life is busy with some fun in the fore-half of these ten years, as it has been. And it will be a pretty different style in the other half; it will be more fun, more exciting, and more un-expectable.


Which Family Member Do You Think You Most Resemble

Which family member do you think you most resemble, and are the most like in personality? In looks? In lifestyle choices? Why? Describe yourself and your family member.

I think I most resemble to my father, though we are different in many ways. He’s an optimist, but I’m not. He quite loves talking, chatting, and making new friends, but I don’t. He’s pretty concerned with politics and social issues, but I’m not. Although we’re quite different in many sides, there’re a lot of similar personalities between us. We love dogs, playing with our pets, watching movies, and sleeping. And sometimes we are aggressive; sometimes we are lazy, want to stay at bed only. We both persist on our own business and decisions; if necessary, ignore others’ critiques and opinion.


Favorite Food

Describe your favorite food WITHOUT telling me what the name of it is.
Describe the texture, the smell, the look, the taste of it in as much detail as possible. Describe the feeling when eating it.

My favorite food is a traditional Taiwan appetizer. The soul of the delicacy comes from the sea; the foils are eggs, coriander leaves, flour, and sweet-spicy sauce. The soul is a round, crystal creature (animal). The most interesting about this round-crystal sea creature is that it’s planted in the sea. The techniques of planting does matter, it will be good to chew instead of too soft if it’s planted well. The planting method quite relates to the habit of this cute creature and the tides.
It’s smell so good when it’s fried in the pan; it makes me stop in front of the stand and to buy one, to satisfy my watering mouth. I should not write this journal in the evening, it gives me a good appetite and makes me very hungry…

A Teacher You Had That You Will Never Forget

Describe a teacher you had that you will never forget. What was it about this teacher that made him/her so memorable? What idiosynracies did he/she have, and what was/is his/her teaching style? Does he/she know how you feel about him/her? Would you consider telling him/her?

The teacher I will never forget would be my school project advisor in my five-year junior college (where I entered when I graduated from junior high school, and where I received my associate degree). His brain is stuffed with a lot of ideas and innovations, he never tried to persuade or guide us to do anything. If we encountered a problem, he would give us some hints, advices, and evaluations. He left a wide space to us to discover and to develop our own thought. He paid a host of attention on us; he helped us apply National Science Council Programs for college students, helped us publish a conference paper, gave us fellowships, and let us study what we were interested in. He did a lot for us, and he didn’t want anything in return though.
My old project teammate and I visited him on September 28th morning, Confucius’ birthday or teacher’s day. He was still full with the enthusiasm of education. He shared us the programs he’s doing, showed us around his laboratory, and told us how our alma mater is going. We had a lunch together, we talked a lot at that day, and he’s still in his good nature. When we are parted, he always says that he’ll be proud of us.


Ideal Weekend

What is your ideal weekend? What would you do on a perfect weekend? Describe your imaginary plans during your ideal weekend.

I’d go to bookstores, look around, buy some books, and read them in bed with a cup of coffee in the holidays. When I finished a book, I’d write a statement or summary, and post it on my blog. Sometimes I spend my weekend in such idea way, sometimes I’m too busy at doing something is potentially more important and urgent. I try to get up earlier to do a little bit of those idea things, but most of time it results in failure…

Traveling To Any Country On Vacation

If you could travel to any country on vacation (MUST LEAVE TAIWAN), where would you go, and why? Who would you bring with you, and what would you see?

I’d like to go to Antarctic with myself. The unique scene attracts me very much. Somebody may think the scene there is extremely monotonous -- the polar light, half-year day time and night, penguins, huskies, ice, icebergs, and the ice spread out far beyond the horizon. Nonetheless, that’s what I desire to see and feel and enjoy. If I get a chance to work oversea, I will apply for Antarctic first.

What Is Your Favorite Holiday And Why

Happy 10-10 Day! What is your favorite holiday and why? What traditions do you usually partake in on this day?

I like Moon Festival most. We usually barbecue with classmates, friends, and family, and we usually have couple barbecues with couple groups in the continuous holidays. Eating, taking a break, eating, and taking a break are what we do from waking up to going to bed in those holidays. And that makes us could reunion with friends. Although we have an limited room of stomach, we might not be able to have more food at next barbecue, we still go to there to meet and talk with friends and family.


What Song Is In Your Head Now

What song is in your head now? If none, what is the first song that comes to mind? What are your favorite lyrics, and why?

The first song that comes to mind is Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”. And it’s also one of my favorite lyrics. It shows the courage and a plenty of guts against the society, and the general way of thinking. We are so restricted by the common values, and Bon Jovi just sings out his insistence on his choice and decision, “Like Frankie said
I did it my way”
. Another one of my favorite lyrics would be Avril’s “Runaway”, because now I do eager “want to fall and lose myself” and 100 percent agree that “Laughing so hard it hurts like hell”. If I can, I will “Forget about everything and runaway” now. Ha ha, I have better to finish my report…


What Did You Do During The Typhoon Weekend

What did you do during the typhoon weekend? Have you ever been majorly affected by a typhoon or other weather related event? Explain.

I stayed at my tiny room, wrote my resume, autobiography, and study-program for applying for graduate schools. Fortunately, no sudden power cut happened on me, thus I finished them. Unexpectedly, I’ve written more than 7,800 Chinese characters in 8 pages autobiography. One of my friends said it’s too long; no professor will spend his/her time on reading this prose literally. I therefore have to cut it, detail my past in maybe 2000 Chinese characters, that’s a challenge. One of the schools requires autobiography limited in 500 Chinese characters. I have no idea how the hell I can fit it into 500, even 2000. Not to mention to the autobiography, the resume exceeds 800.
I planed to go home to bring some references and records for the application, but the typhoon canceled it.