Chafing Dish party

I back from the Chafing Dish party; it’s really lively and bustling. There were so much staff members I had never seen, and so much people I had never known, though I have not known them yet either. I borrowed a motorcycle and rode there at 11:30 PM. The party has been held until 4 AM, I have a long time not to put my youth into enjoying but programming and doing homework and being cramming for the exams.

The staff members are really so kind. First and foremost I should thank tem for the party and their kindness, and I should beg their pardon if I behaved as my natural ironic, cold way, I had no means to criticize and to ridicule.


second day

2006-12-21, Today is my second day working at Dong-Po with myself, and the business volume of today is NT$40. Well, the senior staff member said such situation is “normal” and “frequent”. It sounds I will have easy duties for many days, ha.

Today I met a pair of sister and brother, the yang brother was in junior high school, and his mother hired a tutor for him, and ordered a research room (a private study room) for class. He has a math class and an English class once a week respectively, and he will have 4 classes per week. Well, he seems just graduate from elementary school, and now he should suffer a barrage of “Advancing to higher education” doctrine and exams and tests. Hope he could tolerate this destined students’ career.

The staff members will have a “chafing dish” party at 23:30 on X'mas Eve. And attendees will exchange the presents which value must be under NT$200. Maybe I shall borrow a motorcycle to attend the party. I believe it would be funny.


A new job

I got a new job. The job is offered by Chang-Chin Study Center, I have attended three days pre-job training with headache Tuesday through Wednesday.

It’s an easy job for most people but me. It seems easy to most people, because the staff members merely need to clean the circumstances on clock, to check the money before out-off-duty, and to introduce the system to new customers and solve the customers’ requests. I have to profess the difficulty to me is the necessary of interactive with people.

The staff members there are so good, so kindly, and so talkative. And they look really harmonious, and the staff members, who are on night shift, including me, always close the store together.

I’m not talkative, and I scarcely join their chat, I guess I seems cold to them. So far, I have wondered about why the company would offer the job to me except the reason they found no one take the offer. And so far, it’s good to me.










Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen

What I found in Pride and Prejudice are pride and prejudice of course.

When Elizabeth Bennet first met eligible bachelor Fitzwilliam Darcy, she thought him arrogant and conceited, while he struggled to remain indifferent to her good look and lively mind. When she later discovered Darcy had involved himself in the troubled relationship between his friend Bingley and her beloved sister Jane; meanwhile she was blinded by Whickham’s lies, she was determined to dislike Darcy more than ever.

Jane Austen shows the folly of judging by first impressions. When Elizabeth had read the letter from Darcy many times, she regretted what she had judged. She said ‘Vanity, not love, has been my folly’. And I have been impressed by Elizabeth’s lively life philosophy: Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.


hair cut

I had my hair cut...
how does it look?

score 0 through 10, what the grade would you give?