my last day in rose house

Oct 26th, that day is my last day in the rose house. I told my master I have no more much time as before, I can’t handle the job and schoolwork, so I asking for quitting.

The last day, there were three foreigners who come from England visit our store. They wanted to take photos in the house, and my master ordered me to stop them doing so. I went to them, and told them taking photographs is not allowed there, and they ask me “why?” And told me, in England, people can take photographs anywhere, maybe some museums prohibit from doing so.

However, that the rule ruled in rose house in Taiwan, we couldn’t make and special instance. And they are very kind, they respect our rule, and the man in the three, taught me to say “good-bye” to customer who is leaving.











Yesterday is the exam day, and I got a failure score, 70, the pass score is 85. The colleague told me if I wanted to stay in working in the house, I must learn to keep smiling whenever in the house, and speak with joyful tone. She told me I needed to change my behavior if I wanted to keep working at service industry, or -- quit the job, I guessed.

Whenever I have shift at night, I always quit the house at 23:20, and arrive at the dorm at 00:00, and go to bed at or so 2:00. Besides I have 4 shifts per week, the case study is begging soon. I don’t think I can handle the case study and the schoolwork with the part-times job at rose house. Maybe, it’s time to me to quit the job to concentrate on schoolwork or to find another one much match me, such as teaching assistant scram school…

Now, I don’t have the greed for earning money for daily expense, I think I need to depend on my parent for this expense. I only desire to earning money for attending the LTTC classes and taking the GEPT exam, that’s all.







broke a procelian cup

Oct 21st, today is really a bad day. I used a very expensive china teapot, more than NT$ 6,000, to break a not so much expensive porcelain cup, NT$ 1,200. The cost would count on my pay...

I was really unfortunate this week, I lost my book in the restaurant, Computer Organization and Design, this event cost my money to purchase a new one...

Sigh, I can't help it...


Oct 20th, 2006, allegedly, the chairman would come the house, and I worked in the inside wash the tableware such as dishes, cups, teapots and so forth. I found it's funny in the inside.

Because of the hearsay, chairman would come, I should make myself in the cleanest look; I tied my hair into a pigtail, and used four hair pins to clip my hair. Finally, in the senior colleague's help, I done the procedure, cleaning my hair out, then the senior colleague laughed joyfully at my so-called cute look.

The Tuesday in next week is my wage adjustment exam, and it's needed to be pass, and the pass grade is 85.


ordinary days

Yesterday and Tuesday are ordinary days and all in well, nothing special, except I got the ultimatum for reciting the menu.

Yesterday I left house at 23:00, then walked as soon as possible to MRT station, arrived dorm at 24:00, and went to bed at 02:30 because of a conversation. I think if I should have off lined the MSN I could get little more sleep...

Tuesday, during the class English oral speaking training, everybody talk about the value, the goal and something on the platform for 1 minute. And in my turn, when I have just finished my inarticulate speaking, the teacher asked me "What are you talking about? Come to me after this class." After the class, she asked me what the purport of my speaking, and told me how to explain. I said "I despise most is being an equipment in a corporation" and "I don't like the corporate which put employee as equipment" (this sentence seems all wrong, and uttered in a lisp), she told me using "I don't like the company treats people as machine" and requested me to keep the way she explained in mind.


broke a cup

Oct. 14, unfortunately, I broke a water cup when I replenish the cups to the shelf. Besides, I recollected I forgot to make my card punched on the beginning of duty. I hadn't recited the menu consists of chinese names, abbreviations, attachments and so forth, even I haven't yet, therefore I merely could make a little help. I couldn't make the list of what customer ordered, and couldn't immediately prepare the attachments of the food or tea or jerry.

There were a lot of customers this day, we all were so busy with being confused and disoriented. And because of that I hadn't recited the menu yet, so the colleagues were more busier.

Fortunately, the water cup wasn't too expensive, and the master seemed not so angry at me...


the fringe of hair

Yesterday, when I arrived the house, the senior colleague, Lu-Hsiang, ask me to clip my fringe of hair by hair pin, since so, my high forehead was exposed, I looked ugly enough...XD

Kai-Yin, a colleague at full-time job, and the master, madam Shu-Li, taught me about the tea, such as the place of production, the taste and features of various famous breads and so forth.

According to my memory, the 4000UVA grows at an altitude of 4000 feet in Uva; the taste is tremendously thick; it's called "golden cup" because of drawing a golden ring on the edge of the cup.

Namring Estate Darjeeling is at an altitude of 6000 feet in Himalayas, its tea is a half-fermented tea, tastes like oolong, pao-chung and iron-guanyin, less astringent and less bitter, it's a good introduction of tea-tasting; its year yield is only 600,000 pounds, therefore it's reputed as "the king of the tea"; because it's smells as musk grapes, the color seems light with transparent orange, it's so-called "the champagne of the tea".

Badalabeta Assam ORTHODOX is processed by Indian orthodox method which is for the high rank tea;

Dimbula Gunpowder Tea doesn't provoke a temper after drunk, but smoked-scent and gunpowder-look; it is the best choice of English green tea, and not suitable with milk.

Khongea Tea Estate Assam is located at an altitude at 390-450 feet in province Assam in India.

Kenilwroth Estate Ceylon is located at an altitude at 3000-4000 feet and nearby Dimbula and Kandy estate; it consists of similar cream cheese taste, comely golden color and strong effective local flavor.

The serious of six major estate picked tea at Rose House are imported from the six famous estate famed by their tea.



Today I take the night duty, ride bike to their through NTU, where I lost my way. I arrive Rose House exactly on time, at 18:00, means I was late actually.

I put my rucksack to the warehouse in the basement and put on the apron with such a haste. Afterward I did the first job on begging duty, namely cleane the toilet up and wipe the window in in and out the toilet and the entrance, and wipe the marble floor around the entrance.

On the time the master was going off duty, she told me that I looks so serious, ask me for taking myself's ease, and cracked a joke with colleagues.

Serious seems the normal way I am, I have a lot of things needed to learn to drive myself on an easy way...


my first day in rose house

Today is my first day in rose house, I went to there by means of 109 bus, and this time i was conscious of the previous stop whitch I must get off the bus at next. I arrive there 45 minutes early than the hour of duty, there fore, I spent the leisure in kingstone, which induce me to buy the books that I would be privileged to read if I have time...

The colleagues are good, most females --it's only two males there, i am included--, and kindly, and pretty. The house is flooded with rose balm which scent I was given to. After the zenith, the senior colleague teach us--I and the other freshman--the foods, suits, teas and so forth, which are offered there, how to explain to customer the feature of the teas, and what to be attached on every teas and meals.

I was so nervous on duty today, I was so stupid that I could't handle the tableware. The master said that I looks in such tensenss as if I would go into clonus...

The most important point is, I need to recite the abbreviations that are more than 150 articles in a week...


no title



想在連假看完 Pride and Prejudice
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