Piece of thought about Madame Bovary (包法利夫人)

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Emma is a brave woman, dare to challenge the social principles and folk standards, and she's much braver than her lovers, honestly face and recognize her own desires and longings, however, also unrealistic and stupid from a sophisticated view.

Flaubert described lots of details in the fiction, and artfully showed the conflicts among Emma, her lovers, and her husband, Charles Bovary.

After the marriage, Emma cannot extinguish her desires, tries every mean to escape her empty and banality life, and thus be trapped into a elaborately designed usury trap. (and yes, lots of her desires are elicited by the merchants, those lovers, and those luxury expectations). She's just a common woman (a common person), unsatisfied with her own common life, with an attractive looking and behavior, but unfortunately meets dangerous people, common people.

Flaubert also depicted the hypocrisy of the intellects and the target/profit-oriented merchants, which is common and general personalities (among human beings even in holly places, the hallow academies)m but most of us are just unwilling to acknowledge the ugly truth..

This Flaubert's masterpiece is really worth and deserves to be read and sell for more than 150 years....

it cast me a lot of thoughts, i may seriously rethink about them and this fiction and write them down in the future...XD