Lies for a Better Life

When we were little, our parents always told us not to lie. But everyone lies. People hate lies and are eager to reveal the truth. However, lies are not always bad, they are necessary to improve our lives.

The first benefit of lies would be that they can improve friendship and make people feel more comfortable and confident. For example, when our friends are sad because they failed in an exam, we may tell them that it is okay or they can do it better next time, even though we cannot accept those things happening to us at all and we avoid failing in any exam by working all night. When we lose a contest with our friend for the love of a girl or a boy, we may loudly bless them and secretly doubt what the hell the girl or the boy was thinking. Lies are necessary for improving relationships.

The second benefit of lies would be that they can help people avoid conflicts. When we are driving and are bumped by someone’s car, though we really want to put our fists on the troublemaker’s nose, we may still stay calm and tell the troublemaker that it is fine and let’s just exchange the insurance information. In addition, we may only speak good of politicians or political parties when our friends support them, though we think how stupid, foolish, idiotic, blind, naïve, senseless, inane, unreasonable, and crazy they are. Lies can help people avoid troubles or more serious troubles and make the world more peaceful.

The third benefit of lies would be that they can help people get a promotion or a chance. People who are too frank and always honest may have no chance to get a promotion while brownnosers who always apple-polish their superiors and peers may have a better relationship with critical persons and can more easily to get a promotion. Moreover, if our advisers are not willing to accept suggestions, though we know their directions are ridiculous, we may still follow their directions and give them the expected failed experimental result after three tough days-and-nights working. Lies are required for a better career.

To sum up, lies are not always bad. Lies are necessary for relationships, peace, and careers – though other people probably think they are bad, especially when those lies are not good for them.